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Founded in 1937 in Virginia's "Old South" cotton belt, Tultex was from the beginning dedicated to innovation and developing new products, colors, designs while at the same time exploring efficiency and quality. Due to a unique combination of inventive management and available resources, Tultex expanded by absorbing other small mills, silk factories, as well as knitting and dying plants to become a "do-it-all" manufacturer of cotton apparel.
By World War II, Tultex was selected to provide olive drab sweatshirts as official supplier to the U.S. Army, and after the war Tultex invented the recreational sweatshirt by offering a wide variety of colors of it's proven U.S. Army design. Expanding on this base of success was natural.
Tultex grew, introduced new designs as well as bigger knitting, cutting and sewing plants, improved new colors, and 100% per cent American cotton yarn. By the 1980's this unique combination of quality, design, and smart manufacturing elevated Tultex's sales to over $200 million a year, with over 8,000 employees in a dozen areas of manufacturing. Tultex reinvested in newer machines, better quality, computerization and expansion to be competitive with the best cotton apparel makers on the planet.
The strength of the Tultex product has brought associations with top-level brands seeking the best in quality for the ultimate in logo and brand presentation. World-class brands that have used Tultex to make their branded products include Levi-Strauss, Levis, Nissan, Major League Baseball (MLB), as well as countless sports teams and athletic organizations at all levels that use Tultex as a base to print and embroider team uniforms.
Currently Tultex offers lines of fine & ultra fine recreational fashion t-shirts in over 20 colors and sizes from XS to 3X, optimized for men, women, and children's body types. The 2009 evolution of the Tultex T-shirt is arguably the softest, best fitting T-shirt on the planet, superior to all competitors, 100% cotton and the premium product in it's class.
And the best part is Tultex's tradition of excellence means they are dedicated to continued quality and making great products even better in the future.