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Hello, new Tultex brand.

Time for an update from a classic,
Did you notice? We’re sure you did. Because there’s a lot of energy around the Tultex brand. And that’s cause for celebration!
Bottom-line, we’ve updated Tultex to work harder for you. How? Our collection of fresh fashion basics is better than it’s ever been. We have exciting new colors, and we’re adding styles to our lineup. We’re even introducing some NAFTA friendly products, with many more to come.
All of these will help you meet your customers’ demands, increase their satisfaction, and build your sales of the Tultex brand - because it is still important to know your customer's needs and to succeed in satisfying them... before your competitors do.
Tultex is still your quality line of fashion basics at great prices, but with a fresh splash of new!
You're gonna like what's happening.